Day 1: Tell us all of the groups you’ve marched, the shows, the years, and your instruments.

For DCI I have marched with only one group and that group was Blue Devils “B”. I marched in 2008 the show was called “flight”, 2009 “Pursuit”, 2010 “Space”, I was in colorguard all three years and on rifle line. 

For WGI (okay this might get long) I marched with Jefferson HS(SA) in 2006 I forgot the show name but it was a hip-hop show, I was a flag.

In 2007 I marched Jefferson Independent(IA) I also forgot the show name, I was a flag.

In 2008 I marched with Deviation Winter Ensemble(IO), The show name was called “Within Captured Elements, I was on flag line. 

In 2009 I march with Blue Devils(IO), The show was called “Night of The Dancing Flame”, I was a flag and sabre.

In 2010 I marched with Imbue(IW), The show was called “Titus”, I was a flag.

In 2011 I marched with Intensity(IO), The show was called “The Burn of Great Elsewhere”, I was a rifle. 

That’s all the places I have marched through out the years. Yes I am a guard whore. 

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